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September 2016

Less Equals More: Pouring Out Our Souls

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We are experts at filling our souls. We naturally seem to always look for “more”. But what if the answer to our satisfaction came with a desire for less? Instead of feeding the “More is More” philosophy, perhaps we should take some time to “pour our souls out” to the Lord.

Windows of Opportunity: Bigger Circles

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We all come from somewhere, and that somewhere has a culture that’s constructed from limited perspectives and experiences. College is an incredible time to expose ourselves to other people and viewpoints, but it’s also the most available time in your entire life to actually GO to another culture. Listen to the incredible trips encounter has to offer this year in order to make our circles bigger!

Windows of Opportunity: You Get To!

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At its simplest level the church is so pure. The Gospel of Jesus is so overwhelming that people want to serve others and want to give away their money. What would it look like if as a ministry we served and gave like the early church did? What would it look like if we eliminated the phrase “I have to” and replaced it with “I get to”? Let’s find out!

Windows of Opportunity: Telling Secrets

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We all know how important it is to keep secrets, but have you considered the importance of occasionally telling secrets? We live in a world where we are often encouraged to suppress who we truly are. It’s risky to be vulnerable, but when the real you is met with acceptance, that’s where we find true belonging.