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October 2016

Less Equals More: Embracing Humiliation (Charlie Welke)

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The Kingdom of God is populated and perpetuated by the unimpressive. On a scale of 0-Jesus, how humble are you? This sermon helps us evaluate our humility while reminding us that the path to exaltation is humiliating (Phil 2; 1 Sam 15, 18, 28; 1 Pet 5; Luke 14, 18).

(Due to a technical difficulty, we are missing a short portion of the intro to Charlie’s sermon)

Less Equals More: Be The Storm

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So often our thoughts of humility lead us to a passive place. A place where we are content to coexist with the evil that has every intention of devastating us. We are prone to “ride out the storm” mentality. What if instead, we expected God to use us to “be the storm” that fights to the death against the evil one?