From Simeon...

Hello supporters and friends,

On behalf of my team, I want to echo what has already been said and say thank you so much for your prayers and support! Today marks day 7 in our mission to show love to students in Freiburg. Jesus is an awesome God and it’s been so cool to see how he makes himself known in the conversations we have had with students. 

For example, last night we had Cafe English where students would come and practice English with us Americans. While we are a loud and energetic group I don’t think anyone was scared off! 🙂 We had many students come and meet us and talk for well over 4 hours. I personally had the chance to talk with a student named Keita who is studying abroad in Freiburg and is from Tokyo. He comes to English Cafe purely to practice his English. He asked me why I was in Freiburg, and I was able to tell him about my team and the ministry at the university. 

God has seriously broadened my perspective of just how vast He is. This trip has also encouraged me to be more bold when sharing Christ with others. It doesn’t matter the location, God can use you in your backyard if you just let Him.

From Chad...

Hello from Freiburg!

 This week we have been blessed with so many opportunities and people and events, and we’re having a blast. Cafe English was last night and let me tell you, we had a blast. Cafe English is for people to come and work on the English skills in a friendly, fun environment. I talked to so many people, got to dive deep into some people’s lives and overall have a lot of fun. Lots of spiritual conversations were had between out team and other students who came out. We had met someone from Germany who had come to Canada and even places in the northern US, who was a lot of fun to talk to. We talked about German politics, food, people, and culture. We even talked about faith a little bit. Today we went to a lake to play games like Kan jam and spike ball with other students. We saw some of the people from Cafe English and met more people. This whole week has been eye opening to how big God truly is and how deep his grace flows.  A new sense of urgency has been instilled in us, and we’re ready to keep going. While it will be hard to leave our new friends here in this place, we’re ready to come home to spread the gospel with what we’ve learned here and a new perspective. Please be praying for our last few days, that we are able to show His love to all the students we meet, and that Satan stays away from us while we’re doing this. Thank you for continued support and prayer!

From Lindsey...

I knew that coming on this trip would be a big deal, but I had no idea that it would be this heart-healing, life-giving, and kingdom furthering. This team has quickly become family and I have no doubt that we have made lifelong friends in this place.
Within the last few days, I have been able to have conversations with many fellow teammates who have gone through previously and presently similar situations to my own. It has been indescribably freeing to be able to open up and be encouraged and also to have the opportunity to speak truth into others based on what God has done in my own life.
Germany is more beautiful and colorful and in need of Jesus than I ever imagined. Being here with the Globalscope team, seeing what God has already done through them in this place, and being able to get a glimpse of what it looks like to go into full-time ministry has changed my perspective forever.

I have had opportunities to meet so many amazing German college students in these last few days. We have laughed together, asked questions, explored campus together, and truly gotten to know one another.

Tonight we were a part of a weekly event that Unterwegs pt on called Cafe English. We were able to meet and talk to so many new friends from all over the world! I can say confidently that among the hysterical laughter, bellies full of cookies, and the sub-par crafting skills were life-changing conversations. Tonight I was reminded once again about the reason we are
here, and the joy that comes from hearing other people’s stories.

It is such an honor to be a part of the Jesus movement that is happening on the University of Freiburg campus, and I am so ecstatic that we still have a few days left to go where the Lord leads.

On this trip I have learned to dream bigger than ever before, and I cannot wait to take these experiences into the coming seasons of life.

Thank you to all of you for your prayerful and financial support- we could not be spreading the love of Christ in Freiburg without you!

From Claire...

God is MOVING in Freiburg. The time here has been full of laughter, joy, tears, and learning. One of the biggest things I have taken away so far was sparked by something Simeon said about the urgency we feel here in our work. He pointed out how we must be intentional in our time and conversations, because Friday will come before we know it. This is exactly the urgency we need to feel while at home, because what if we are the only person to tell them about the good news of our King. Everyday in Freiburg is challenging us and pushing us to trust the Lord more and more. Something special about our team is that we connected sooo quickly. There are no doubts in my mind that God has hand selected us in such a specific way to best glorify him. Join us in our joy by praying for boldness, safety on our travels back, and that we trust what our Savior will do with these last few days.

From Zack...

Hey y’all! First off, I just want to thank all of those who have been supporting us on our mission to spread the Gospel in Freiburg. Whether it be through prayer or financial support, your role does not go unseen. You are so important to the body of Christ and specifically to the Good News taking root halfway across the world. This trip has been incredible and seeing the Holy Spirit move right in front of my face has been a complete joy.

Today I had the opportunity to meet some students on campus here in Freiburg. Our job was to go through town and simply have conversations with people and lemme tell ya, God showed up. Sydney and I talked to three students, one of which was a current student at the University here in Freiburg named Sally. We all talked about the differences in American and German culture. She was also receptive to the fact that we are apart of a Christian Student Group. She was so excited about our events throughout the week and even asked if she could bring friends! Can you believe it!  The presence of the Holy Spirit is evident as we are having these conversations with others. This team is blessed beyond belief for the opportunities that God has placed in front of us. Please be praying for this specific occurrence that Holy Spirit does something big in Sarah’s heart. God is teaching me to confidently pursue others just as His sacrifice for us gives us the ability to boldly pursue the Father. Please be in prayer for the students in Freiburg. Pray that there hearts would be soften to the Gospel and that the team out here would remain faithful to our calling. Once again, thank you so much for all of your support. God is doing some amazing things out here in Freiburg!

Dancing in the fountain

We arrived to Freiburg today (more on that later) and ended our day on the square to eat gelato and have a team huddle up. Afterwards, our team saw someone dancing in the fountain. Everyone kind of looked at each other, nodded and jumped right in. They joined and made friends with a dancer from Italy with gusto as the team leaders watched on. Luke, our friend/Unterwegs staff memeber, said “THIS, this is why your team is perfect for this trip.” I couldn’t agree more.

- Phil 

From Katie...

We’ve been in Germany for just a little over 24 hours now and I’m already blown away by how God is moving here. We landed in Frankfurt and have been taking some time in an Airbnb to just be together as a team (P.S. This place has THREE disco balls and a ping pong table, so it’s pretty much the bomb dot com). Being able to spend this time together has been really amazing. Through games and laughter and sharing what we are thankful for, it already seems as if we’ve known one another for a lifetime. Our good friend, Luke, who is from Encounter and has been in Germany for a year already, shared with us this morning about how becoming united with each other as a one body, with Christ as the head, is an essential part for our individual growth and the growth of the kingdom. We’re hoping that not only will we grow in our relationships with each other and Christ, but that we can go into our mission field united to do our best kingdom work.

We’ve gotten to explore this small, little neighborhood in Germany that we’re in by walking the streets nearby where we are staying and by going into a grocery store to grab food for our next couple meals. Just doing simple things like this has shown us how differently we do things in America. Germans definitely don’t believe in ice cubes for drinks or refrigerating most foods (apparently that’s a very American thing), and you wouldn’t believe the search team it takes just to find something as simple as rice or sugar. We tried asking where different things were, but probably ended up sounding like crazy people who don’t know how supermarkets work. I also tried to order a sandwich in German and the dude that was helping me took pity on me and just spoke to me in English to make that interaction run way smoother than it was going.

It’s super early on in our trip, but we are all so excited to go to Freiburg and start getting to know these students that call this place home. I’m particularly excited to start learning things about the personal lives of the students that we are about to meet. I’m excited to learn how people live their lives differently from me, what their likes and dislikes are, what music they like to listen to and what they like to do for fun. Even if it isn’t a conversation that is directly about Jesus, I’m hoping that just by how we are all treating each other and those around us that people see something special that we have and that they get curious about what that is.

As we go into this next week, please be praying for the work that is about to be done. Pray for open hearts and minds, pray for the curiosity about our differences to allow times and places for Christ to move in ways we can’t even imagine, and pray that God’s kingdom continues to expand on a global scale, even after we’ve said our goodbyes.

From Sydney...


It is amazing to see how the Lord has already worked through our hearts in only one day as we have already bonded, laughed, danced, and prayed together. I am so thankful for how smoothly our traveling went and want to thank those of you who continued to pray for us as we traveled approx. 16 hours to get to our Airbnb here in Hockenheim. When we arrived, we took time to rest and enjoy one another’s company in order to rejuvenate before we head to Freiburg tomorrow. Not only did we jam to The Greatest Showman soundtrack (my absolute favorite) but we have had ping pong tournaments and played intense card games. It is amazing how close I already feel to everyone and I cannot wait to grow even closer as we take on the challenge of befriending college students in Freiburg who may not know who Jesus is.

It wasn’t as hard getting used to the time difference as I had originally assumed. Some people slept more than others during our travelling but once we arrived, we tried our best to keep each other awake with incredibly strong coffee, dance parties and avoiding laying down or sitting for too long. Now that we are all rested and feel acclimated to the time change, we are getting more and more excited for what the rest of our trip has in store.  

As part of our bonding, we were split in two teams and were required to plan a meal to make for the rest of the team. We all walked to the market together with high hopes of finding all that we needed in order to make our meals for today. Boy did I get a good slap in the face when I walked into that German market. We couldn’t read ANYTHING. I never knew it would be so hard to figure out how to find everything needed for an English recipe in a different language. After much teamwork and hundreds of steps added to my day, we somehow found all that we needed, leaving us feeling incredibly satisfied. Now that we are back and preparing our meals for one another, I realize how much effort it takes to communicate with one another on something as simple as making a meal because each person needs to have a task in order for the group to create something edible and tasty. The same goes for the rest of our trip, we all need to take on our specific roles and use the gifts that the Lord gave us in order for our entire team to be successful in Freiburg and to share what living with Jesus controlling your life actually looks like. 

I ask for continued prayer for our team. The Lord is already working in our hearts but I ask for prayer that we would be open to our hearts changing in a way that we would never expect. The friendships being created are long lasting and I have great confidence that the people on this team were handpicked for a purpose. God is already moving and we are praying that he continues to move in big ways as we arrive in Freiburg and share the gospel with German students along with Unterwegs.

We made it! On our way to our AirBnB now 🙌🏽

Meet the team...

Name: Sarah Indlecoffer

Year: Senior

Major: Community Health Promotion

Why did you come on this trip? I love mission trips and felt God calling me to go

How do you hope to grow from it? Knowing how to trust in God even more

Prayer Requests: Safe travels, being a light, no sicknesses, teaching as many students on campus as possible

Meet the team...


Name: Chad Caplinger

Year: Freshman

Major: Public Relations

Why are you going on this trip? I am going on this trip because from day one I felt as if God placed my heart in Germany and was calling me deeper in my faith and leading me there. I felt as if I wouldn’t be calm until I went and carried out what he is calling me to in Germany!

How do you hope to grow because of it? I hope that I can learn what it is I want to do after college and see where the mission field I am called to is.

Prayer Requests: I ask that you all pray against anxious thoughts that invade my mind and pray for peace and joy over the course of the entire trip and after! Also, be praying for unique opportunities to share the gospel on campus here and in Germany.

Meet the team...


Name: Phil Lopez
Role: Encounter Staff

Why are you going on this trip? One of my greatest joys is taking students on mission trips around the world. For so many of them, it’s their first time seeing God’s Kingdom in that capacity. Germany is another step towards my students becoming fully equipped Kingdom workers. Wouldn’t trade it for anything! 

How do you hope to grow because of it?  I would love to experience this trip with fresh eyes and a renewed, childlike demeanor. It’s easy to go on so many of these and become a little numb to the incredible things God is doing on each individual trip. Hoping to see those things clearly! 

Prayer Requests: This trip marks the first time being across the world from my little girl. I’d love prayers of protection over her and my wife.. that my time away wouldn’t be taxing on them. Also that I can remain present with the team and mission at hand! 

Meet the team...


Name: Ratasha Garbes
Role: Encounter Staff Intern

Why are you going on this trip? I LOVE seeing how campus ministry is similar and different all around the world. Spending this year as an intern has opened my eyes even more to the unique time in life college students are in. They are out on their own for the first time and start to discover what the important things are to them. They discover more of their passions and talents as well as the area they are going to invest themselves in a career down the road. This is also the perfect time for them to experience community and the love of Jesus because they long for deep and meaningful relationships and are so open to change in their years at college. I cannot wait to experience campus ministry in Germany!

How do you hope to grow because of it? I hope that this experience will challenge me to view every student as completely unique and to ask good questions to get to know more of the culture and language. I am so excited to get to know all the members of our team as well as the staff in Germany!

Prayer Requests: I am praying for good health for all of our team members and that we would have our eyes open to opportunities on the campus to speak and build connection with the students God has set before us.

Meet the team...


Name: Travis Johnson
Role: Staff (Encounter Ministry Partner)

Why are you going on this trip?: Because I love the ministry that Encounter is a part of and their partnership with Globalscope in getting the gospel to take root in all corners of the world. And traveling is fun.

How do you hope to grow because of it?: Every time I get to travel and see how God is moving across the globe, He becomes even bigger to me. So more of that. Plus I hope to grow in my experience with cross-cultural gospel engagement.

What are your prayer requests as we prepare to leave?: Pray that we’ll all be walking in step with the Holy Spirit as it leads us. Pray that concerns, worries, doubts, etc will all fade away so we’ll be free to make this trip a very fruitful one for us and those we come in contact with!

Meet the team...


Name: Katie

Year: Graduated

Major:  Interpersonal Communication

Why are you going on this trip? To intentionally get to know others and build relationships while diving into seeing what campus ministry looks like.

How do you hope to grow because of it?  I hope to grow in my relationship with Jesus and in my identity through Christ, finding my purpose through Him.

Prayer Requests: Just that God speaks to me and that I have my ears and heart open to listen.

Meet the team...

Name: Claire Rabe

Year: Sophomore

Major: Fitness Specialist & Life Coaching Ministry

Why are you going on this trip? The mission part of this trip is what led me to apply for this journey. Going around a college campus making friends, throwing events for people, and talking about Jesus? Sign me up!! I have also never been out of the country and am so excited to be amazed at how big the world is and how bigger God is, because He created it all.

How do you hope to grow because of it? I hope to grow in my relationships with the members on this team. I also hope to be pushed out of my comfort zone and be willing to just say yes to however God and my team wants me take part.

Prayer Requests:  I would love prayer requests for safe travel and that we know no matter what happens or whatever battle we come up against that God is soooo much bigger.

Meet the team...


Name: Lindsey Hong

Year: Junior

Major: Human Development and Family Sciences

Why are you going on this trip? I have always had a heart for ministry, and Encounter has been a place that has helped me grow so much. When I heard about this trip where we would be helping with a new campus ministry in Germany, I was thrilled. I am excited to be a part of bringing the loving community of a campus ministry to a university across the ocean!

How do you hope to grow because of it? I am hoping to be pushed out of my comfort zone on this trip and to see how the Lord works through campus ministry in a culture different than my own.

Prayer Requests: I would ask for prayer for our team to be open to whatever God has in store for us and that we would go with confidence, open hearts, and open minds!

Meet the team...


Name: Simeon Tate

Year: Senior

Major: Integrated marketing communication

Why are you going on this trip? This is my first mission trip. I am looking forward to seeing God work through my team in a different part of the world.

How do you hope to grow because of it? I hope to gain a fresh perspective, a broader range of just how big our God is. To see the bigger picture of the gospel. God is not to small, his arm is not to short to have an impact on a region of the world that we haven’t seen.

Prayer Request: Please pray for safety for our team and that the gospel would be shared in some way to every person we get the chance to talk to.

Meet the team...


Name: Cameron Baker 

Year: Graduate 

Major: Philosophy 

Why are you going on this trip?  I’m going on this trip because I believe college students are a forgotten people group to the Church and to help a ministry be a light and a voice during one of the most crucial times in someone’s life was an opportunity I knew I wanted to be a part of. 

How do you hope to grow because of it? My hope is that, by seeing and working with a different ministry on a different campus, trying to show the same love of Jesus to students, I can bring back little things that Encounter and other ministries in town can use as well. 

Prayer Request:  My biggest prayer request is that our team remains safe. Whether it be the planes to and from or just as we’re walking around in Germany, prayers that we will be protected by God would be awesome.

Meet the team...


Name: Zachary Maslanka

Year: Senior

Major: History Social Sciences Teacher Education

Why are you going on this trip? I am going on this trip because I desire to be apart of Gods plan to spread His message of salvation globally. I also would love to serve a ministry that’s in an area with great spiritual warfare.

How do you hope to grow because of it? I hope to grow in confidence to rely on the Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel, to be humbled and know that it is up to God for a heart change in the people I will encounter, and to grow in service for the church.

Prayer Requests: That our group is vulnerable in the areas in which Satan is attacking us, for the hearts of the people we meet to be softened by the Holy Spirit, and that our groups bond is consistent and is always recognizing the purpose of the trip.