God grows us as we move to join His great work!
We offer three different kinds of trips, each with a very different purpose.

Our MISSION TRIPS are built to come alongside an established organization in an effort to encourage, support and physically assist with their mission. Most trips include a combination of labor, relational, and evangelism work. These trips include long hours, hard work, and an opportunity to learn from those you are serving.  Our VISION TRIPS are designed to help students explore a potential call to full time missionary work.  Participants see missions work up close, encounter a new culture, and spend quality time with current missionaries. Our EXPOSURE TRIPS are meant to open students’ eyes to global issues that they may otherwise never see firsthand.  This firsthand experience draws us closer to the Father as we begin to understand His heart for the world beyond our doorstep, and helps us become lifetime advocates of these new exposures.

THE LONG HAUL [mission trip]

Bus Service Trip – multiple destinations
Spring Break 2018 – $600

Have you ever wanted to do something meaningful with your spring break? This trip is the one for you! Join us as we travel across the country, stopping in a different city each day to do a community service project. You will join 40 other students from ISU on a charter bus and will be exposed to a variety of social issues, with hopes of learning more about themselves, their own community, and the world.

MAY MISSION TRIP [mission trip]

May 12-18, 2019 //  Cost: $250

Endeavor Ministry is doing amazing work helping refugees adjust to life in the US by teaching teens to drive, helping families navigate our education system, and doing tutoring and job training. It is their hope to build relationships with refugees to gain opportunities to share the love of Christ. When we give our lives over to serve others, it changes our lives. It’s a once in a lifetime trip (PLUS IT’S SO CHEAP), don’t miss out!


KENYA [exposure trip]

MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2019-30, 2018  //  COST: $3,500

This summer we will travel to Nairobi, Kenya to serve with GOYA ministries. Our team will spend a majority of our time working in their high school outside of the city. Here, some of the brightest young minds in all of Kenya are being taught and discipled. We have the opportunity to come alongside them and build relationships, teach classes, put on camps and a conference for them. This paired with various other ministry opportunities leads itself to a very busy and impactful trip!

PHILIPPINES [vision trip]

Summer 2019  //  Cost $3,500

Join us as we travel to the Philippines to visit and encourage our ministries & staff on that side of the world. This trip holds a unique opportunity for you to experience campus ministry in a whole new setting. Under the same name of Encounter, there are 3 full fledge ministries happening in different cities in the Philippines. This trip will allow us to see those ministries, connect with the Universities, host a leadership training and visit a potential new ministry plant in Manila.