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God’s grace was meant to flow through us into others.

It was never meant to be hoarded or kept hidden.  For that reason, we have no shortage of ways to show love within our ministry, campus, community, and well beyond those borders.

Below are our active areas to serve.  You can get more involved by contacting the student in charge of each area listed below.  Join us as we look to show the love of God outside our borders!  Contact Molly ( if you have questions.

[ENGAGE TEAM] The college campus is a hugely untapped mission field right at our fingertips. We want to share the story of what Jesus has done for us by connecting with students who haven’t heard of him before, as well as finding unique and creative ways to share their stories as they are being told.  The engage team uses media as a storytelling tool, and finds all kinds of creative ways (athletics, art, student life) to build bridges on campus.   Interested?  Email

[BELONG TEAM] Every person needs a place to belong, to feel cared about by other people. Whether it’s greeting someone new for the first time, creating a welcoming atmosphere, or looking out for people on the outskirts, we would love for you to help us create a safe space for people to encounter Jesus.  We plan events to help people connect and feel welcome, are friendly faces on Monday nights, and help follow up with new students.  Interested?  Email

[ADORE TEAM] Life isn’t all about us. Understanding that we have a divine creator should put us in a place of reverence, gratitude, and celebration for who He is and what He has done for us. We are so fortunate to have a God who not only hears us, but desires to hear from us, so being a part of this team means that you are entering a space where you can kneel before the throne in prayer and worship.  We create moments of prayer, worship, and celebration throughout the schoolyear. Interested?  Email

[EXTEND TEAM] Jesus calls us to invest in and meet the needs of the people around us. We want to be faithful in creating opportunities to step away from campus and reach surrounding communities in unique ways. Whether it’s swinging a hammer, feeding the hungry, or engaging with children, our hope is that you’ll have eyes to see groups of people who you may not get to serve while staying within the bubble of campus.  Help us serve meals to those in need, spend time with the elderly, and even pack backpacks for children in fostercare.  Interested?  Email