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God grows us as we move to join His great work!
We offer four different kinds of trips, each with a very different purpose.

Our MISSION TRIPS are built to come alongside an established organization in an effort to encourage, support and physically assist with their mission. Most trips include a combination of labor, relational, and evangelism work. These trips include long hours, hard work, and an opportunity to learn from those you are serving.  Our VISION TRIPS are designed to help students explore a potential call to full time missionary work.  Participants see missions work up close, encounter a new culture, and spend quality time with current missionaries. Our EXPOSURE TRIPS are meant to open students’ eyes to global issues that they may otherwise never see firsthand.  This firsthand experience draws us closer to the Father as we begin to understand His heart for the world beyond our doorstep, and helps us become lifetime advocates of these new exposures. Our SERVICE TRIPS are designed for any student, regardless of faith background, to get a taste of serving a variety of organizations. We partner with organizations to help them serve their community well.

JANUARY 6-11, 2025 //  COST: $1300

Next Winter Break we are heading to San Francisco, specifically the District of Tenderloin, to partner with City Impact. We get to come alongside City Impact to love on and serve in very tangible ways, such as feeding the hungry (Rescue Mission, Meal Deliveries), clothing the naked (Thrift Store), educating children (School), loving our neighbor (Adopt a Building), and making disciples (connecting people back to the church). What better way to cap off your winter break and love on the people in San Francisco!

Applications will open March 26th and close April 9th at midnight.

MAY 13-17, 2024 //  COST: $250

Join us during the week after finals to partner with different ministries in St. Louis, Missouri and Cincinnati, Ohio!

Our St. Louis team will spend time helping clean up and restore the city through hands-on service  – think construction, outdoor clean up, and city outreach. We will be partnering with two organizations (Love the Lou and Restore Saint Louis) in order to serve St. Louis.

In Cincinnati, our team will serve with Matthew 25 Ministries & Camp Lebanon. Matthew 25 Ministries is an organization who brings hope to those in need in the Cincinnati community. With them we will do lots of cleaning, sorting and organizing. Camp Lebanon is a campground that will be hosting us. We will have the opportunity to give back to them by serving at their facility.

These trips are both great options if you’ve never participated in a mission trip before (or even if you have!)

Applications will open March 26th, and close April 9th at midnight.


JUNE 21-30, 2024 //  COST: $3,000

This summer we will travel to Nairobi, Kenya to serve with GOYA Ministries. Our team will spend the majority of our time working in the high school outside of the city. Here, some of the brightest young minds in all of Kenya are being taught and discipled. We have the opportunity to come alongside them and build relationships through different opportunities like Sports, Bible Studies, and having times of mentorship to encourage and inspire these students as they live lives worthy of the calling that the Lord has for them. Experiencing this in a different culture makes for a very impactful trip!





NOVEMBER 17-21, 2023 //  COST: $250

Join us on the front half of Thanksgiving Break & partner with a couple of different ministries…in Green Bay, Wisconsin & in a Mystery City! In Green Bay we will be serving with multiple organizations. We will be doing evangelism, working with the homeless, helping a nonprofit clean and serve meals, learning about sex trafficking, and more. Everything about the Mystery City will remain a mystery until you’re on your way there. Find out where and how you’re serving when you arrive!
Whether you have been on fifty mission trips or none at all, this is a great opportunity for you to see how your time can be used to serve others!