God grows us as we move to join His great work!
We offer four different kinds of trips, each with a very different purpose.

Our MISSION TRIPS are built to come alongside an established organization in an effort to encourage, support and physically assist with their mission. Most trips include a combination of labor, relational, and evangelism work. These trips include long hours, hard work, and an opportunity to learn from those you are serving.  Our VISION TRIPS are designed to help students explore a potential call to full time missionary work.  Participants see missions work up close, encounter a new culture, and spend quality time with current missionaries. Our EXPOSURE TRIPS are meant to open students’ eyes to global issues that they may otherwise never see firsthand.  This firsthand experience draws us closer to the Father as we begin to understand His heart for the world beyond our doorstep, and helps us become lifetime advocates of these new exposures. Our SERVICE TRIPS are designed for any student, regardless of faith background, to get a taste of serving a variety of organizations. We partner with organizations to help them serve their community well.


May 9-13, 2022 //  Cost: $250

To start off our summer, we are headed to the Dayton/Cincinnati area – we would love for you to join us! This trip’s theme is “living on mission,” so we will be staying at Camp Lebanon to partner with different organizations who have hearts for God’s kingdom. We will be able to serve in many different ways, and whether we are working with the homeless, the elderly, or the hungry, we will be focusing our hearts and minds on the mission that God calls us to fulfill. This trip is great for those who are familiar with missions as well as those who are brand new. On this trip, you will be exposed to what it means to work and get close with a team, all while serving different groups of people, seeing large cities, and loving the people in them.

Applications will open March 21 and close April 4 at midnight.



January 9-14, 2023 //  Cost: $1,000

NEXT Winter Break (note 2023!) we are heading to the District of Tenderloin in San Francisco where we will partner with City Impact. Those who participate in this trip will come alongside City Impact to love on and serve in very tangible ways, such as feeding the hungry (Rescue Mission, Meal Deliveries), clothing the naked (Thrift Store), educating the children (School), loving our neighbor (Adopt a Building), and making disciples (connecting people back to the church). What better way to cap off your winter break than to love on the people of San Francisco!

Applications will open March 21 and close April 4 at midnight.



July 17-23, 2022 //  Cost: $1,200 – $1,500

This summer we are sending a team away from Bloomington-Normal to New York City for a week. The team will be partnering with an organization called Spread Truth that focuses on combining “evangelism training with hands-on gospel sharing for an experience that prepares Christians for a lifetime of gospel impact.” 

Students will have an opportunity to choose one of three tracks. The first track would be using prayer stations and a variety of conversation starters to spread the gospel in different parks and streets around NYC. The second and third tracks are sharing the gospel through basketball or soccer camps. Check out Spread Truth for more information!

This trip is perfect for those hoping to gain evangelism training in a place that can and will expose you to a world bigger than you may realize. This trip will leave you fired up for opportunities to share the gospel with others, and this trip will leave you with a different worldview.

Applications will open September 27, and close October 18 at midnight.




November 19-23, 2021 //  Cost: $225

Join us on the front half of Thanksgiving Break as we send a group to partner with Camp Restore in Detroit! Camp Restore has a heart for Detroit and seeks to love on their community and build up their people while bringing glory to God along the way.  Camp Restore loves Detroit through human care, environmental, and construction. Whether you have been on fifty mission trips or none, this is a great opportunity for you to see how your time can be used to serve others! Check out Camp Restore for more information!

Applications will open September 27 and close October 18 at midnight.



March 4-12, 2022 //  Cost: $699

For this incredible service opportunity, we will travel across the country, stopping in a different city each day to serve the community all the way to Savannah, GA. You’ll join 40 other students on a charter bus for the week, and will be exposed to a variety of social issues as we serve in each new city. You will come away from this experience knowing more about yourself, having great new friendships, crossing seven states off of your bucket list, & memories that will last a lifetime! You don’t want to miss it. Check out ISU Long Haul for more information!

Spend your Spring Break doing something that matters. Join us on The Long Haul.

  • Bus 1: Join Bus 1 in serving with organizations in Dayton, Pittsburgh, Charleston, Gatlinburg, and Charlotte before meeting up with the Mystery Bus in Savannah, Georgia for one final service project.
  • Mystery Bus: Are you up for an adventure? Join the Mystery Bus in serving with organizations in 5 mystery cities before meeting up with Bus 1 in Savannah, Georgia for one final service project.

Applications will open September 27, and close October 18 at midnight.