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Hello friends at Lilly & FTE.

As we began the process of compiling what our ministry has been up to with our CMTEV funding, it became apparent that some things are hard to show on paper.  We’ve thrown those pieces on this page to give you a better picture.  

Clarity In Calling

Robbie Osenga’s work in Clarity in Calling has created an online resource that he uses as a coach alongside our students.  You can visit the main resource site at, or he has also given Lilly and FTE staff this private link so that you’ll have access to all of his videos.

Where our students are headed…

At the end of the 2016 semester, we asked our seniors to share a little bit about where they were headed and explain to the younger students about where God was “missionally” taking them.  Here is a small sampling of their responses:

A few pictures…

Here are a few pictures from our 2016 CMTEV Programs – including our 2016 Clarity in Calling Winter Retreat, our Spring Leadership Training, and our Faith in Work event “Called to Teach”.

Corner Project

Though not officially part of our CMTEV grant,  the Corner Project has become an integral part of our journey into vocational discernment with our students and alumni.   The Corner Project tells stories of how God is currently using the vocations of our alumni, including those working in ministry and in secular fields.   In doing so, we want to challenge our alumni and our students to reshape the way they view vocation, to expand and enlarge that definition.  Below is Megan’s story, but you’ll find many more at

Pressing Jesus deep in the hearts of students so the Gospel will take root in every corner of the world.