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(From Louie…)

Idea 1: The local church needs you. If you haven’t found a local church or if you have but haven’t found time to serve, do so. The church as an institution needs people who are invested and are willing to help further the kingdom with them. 

Idea 2: Pray and meditate over Luke-12-32. God tells us He is happy to hand us the kingdom. Take a look around the pockets you belong to and see where the kingdom aspect is. Is your class just an hour of nameless faces or 30 people who have never heard of Jesus. Is work 8 hours to complete for a pay check or 8 hours surrounded by people who need to hear the good news? God has handed it over to us so what are we going to do with it?

Idea 3: It’s the season where we’ll soon be gathered with those we call family. The holiday season can be difficult for many and I want us to reflect on our familial relationships. God has placed those people close to us for a reason. Where can your voice speak truth and what can you take with you from the voices around you? 

Idea 4: Breathe. Try to find time to just take a posture and breathe. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to slow down. Practice even the smallest form and take a deep breath. The pace we live life at now is not how God intended us to live. In Genesis-2-15, He placed man in the garden to work it and keep it. Not meant to check Instagram 30 times a day or sleep 4 hours a night. We were meant for tending the garden and reflect Him. 

Idea 5: Gain exposure. There are a lot of different cultures and communities that walk the same areas you do. Try and learn about them. Don’t stay in your bubble. I know it’s comfortable and safe but we’re a global church. The love of God is meant to pour out not stay in. If His spirit fills us it also needs to come out of us. That doesn’t mean just to those who YOU deem necessary to hear it but everyone. Find a place to set up your tent.