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Thank you so much for being willing to provide a missions reference.  This form will be handled confidentially by our staff.  The student for whom you are providing a reference for will not see this information.
 Once submitted, your reference will be transmitted to our office and a copy will be sent to your inbox as verification.   If you leave this page, your answers will not be saved, so be careful!

    About you (the referrer):

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    Your cell or work phone

    Your email

    What is your relationship to the applicant? (pastor, employer, etc...)

    How long have you known the applicant?

    About the student:

    Name of the student you are providing a reference for:

    Please check all items which you believe to be generally true of the applicant: (You can check more than one!)

    Works with integrityPunctualGood/satisfactory workmanshipAverage output and performanceProcrastinatesMost work is poorly doneI don't know

    Good leadership abilitiesGood administrative abilitiesCommunicates WellHas underdeveloped potentialTries but lacks abilityMakes no effort to leadI don't know

    Submission to Authority
    Respects and responds wellShows a teachable spiritAccepts assignments wellSubmits grudginglyHas a rebellious spiritI don't know

    Good self-disciplineHas well rounded interestsAvoids difficult tasksOverindulges in hobbies/recreationOverly self-disciplinedImposes discipline on othersI don't know

    Actively creativeFrequently initiates / self-reliantRarely initiatesGenerally conformsI don't know

    Has chosen own positionDepends on others for beliefsUnclear on central theological pointsEmbraces questionable doctrinesOver-emphasizes doctrinal viewsI don't know

    Adjusts well to unusual or new circumstances / change of plansAdjusts slowly to changeDoesn't cope well with new situationsI don't know

    Usually friendlyQuiet and shyCliquishOften withdrawnI don't know

    Local Church
    Is an effective leaderActive in church programsMinisters apart from the churchIs separate from church lifeI don't know

    Exceptional capacityAlert, has good mindHas common sense & good judgementAverage abilityFails to apply knowledgeLearns and thinks slowlyI don't know

    Social Responsiveness
    Has healthy self-imageAlert to needs of othersUnderstanding & courteousInsensitive to othersTendency to over-extend oneself in response to needs of othersI don't know

    Christian Experience
    Consistent Christian walk and actively growingGood knowledge of the BibleMature but not exceptionalOverly emotionalWeak in Biblical knowledgeI don't know

    Works well with others / cooperativeDependablePrefers to work aloneOften causes friction / uncooperativeI don't know

    Social Acceptability
    Well groomedSought out and liked by othersTolerated by othersNeglects personal appearanceSignificantly unhealthySocial maturity and interaction lackingI don't know

    Shares faith naturally and effectivelyShares Christ reluctantly and is self-consciousZealous but insensitiveI don't know

    If you feel any of the above requires elaboration, please comment here:

    Often the following traits can be magnified by the stress of ministry. Please check any tendencies you have seen in this student:
    Impatient / IntolerantArgumentative / DomineeringSullen / MoodyPrejudiced against minoritiesCritical of othersInconsiderateEasily embarrassed or offendedEasily irritatedLacks sense of humorSelf-CenteredFrequently worried / nervousFrequently tenseCocky / over-confidentGiven to exclusive or absorbing friendshipsNone of the above

    Would you say this applicant is easy to work with?
    yesnoI don't know

    How would you rate the applicant's ability to maintain healthy relationships with those of the same sex?
    GoodAveragePoorI don't know

    How about relationships with the opposite sex?
    GoodAveragePoorI don't know

    If you are aware of inappropriate behaviors in the applicant's past or present, please explain.

    Are you aware of any instances of mental or emotional instability?
    YesNoI don't know

    If you answered yes to the above question, please explain.

    What churches, missions organizations, or other organizations have been involved in the applicant's discipleship and training?

    From your perspective, what are this applicant's greatest strengths?

    And how about areas of personal weakness?

    Please comment on how the applicant's relationships (personal life, home life, family background, friendships) may positively or negatively impact this trip.

    Do you have any reservations concerning the financial integrity and/or indebtedness of the applicant?
    yesnoI don't know

    If any clarification from this reference is needed or you have other information that you believe would be helpful to us, please provide that here.

    Please give your recommendation of the applicant:

    If this form has been successfully transmitted, you will see a green confirmation box and also find a copy in your email inbox. Please do not navigate away from this page until you see that confirmation.