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January 2018

Ordinary Series Week 2 (Ben Miller)

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God’s promises over His people are clear. What happens when we rush out to meet those outside of His instructions? In Abraham and Moses’ stories, we see with clarity how little human effort accomplishes without God’s divine blessing. Where does that leave us? What is God’s promise for us now? And how do we live as we wait for that promise to be fulfilled? (Ex 2:11-25, Gen 17, John 14:3)

The {Extra}Ordinary Promise // Ordinary Series (Ben Miller)

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When we look at Hebrews 11, we see many of the pillars of our faith. But we quickly see a common thread in the grander story. Our heroes are deeply flawed. We learn that God’s standard operating procedure is to use imperfect people to accomplish His greater purposes. If God uses ordinary things and people to accomplish His extraordinary work, what does that mean for us? (Hebrews 11, Genesis 15, I Cor 1:27-29, Acts 4:13, Romans 15:13)